Friday, May 23, 2008

Playing Catch Up!

Wow!! Have we ever been busy! I have been planning on catching up for weeks and haven't even had a second! May has flew by and we can't believe it's almost over already! Joe finally finished school for this semester and it has been nice to get to see him before 9:30pm every night this week! He will most likely be starting up at University of Phoenix next semester and is excited to get started there! I have been directing with a performing group in El Dorado Hills, PGY, since January and we had our shows the second weekend of this month! It was such a wierd aspect to be sitting in the audience watching and not on stage! It was very fun though and starting in September I will be directing 4 classes for a show in January! Also that second weekend my mom, Caitlin, and I did the race for the cure! I had been running everyday and was super excited to get to do the run! We had a great time together, went straight to my cousin Ashley's baptism and then I went straight to my PGY show! What a crazy weekend! Joe is also keeping busy singing every Friday night in Concord with his band Vanishing Affair! They are really talented and I have been able to go to some of their practices with Joe! The other guys in the band are really fun and Joe's having a great time with them! I'll have to see if I can figure out how to load some of their songs on here! We were also able to get away to Santa Cruz this last weekend! I had never been before so I went with Joe to band practice on Friday night and we drove straight to our hotel after that! We had a great time and it was super relaxing! We spent most of the day Saturday on the Boardwalk going on some of the rides and enjoying the beach! The weather was gorgeous! We also wandered around downtown and did some shopping! Sunday we went to the Mystery Spot which was bizarre!! I have never seen anything like it! We also walked out on the pier and went bowling! Joseph killed me at bowling I was definetely having an off day, my high score was 74! On Monday we just slowly made our way home taking our time and relaxing, neither of us wanted to go back to work on Tuesday! We also had to leave Hurley with some friends of ours for the whole weekend...I don't think she wanted to come back home to our quite house! At our house she's home alone all day until we get home after work...their house has three kids at home and she was constantly getting attention! She finally got her last shots last night though and we'll be able to start taking her out on walks to burn up some of that energy!! Well, enough talking! Here's some pictures of what we've been up to! We've been keeping busy and loving life! We feel extremely blessed for everything we have!!!

Race for the Cure with my Moie!

With Caitlin--We're on a team called the Super Sisters and we wear pink Superman capes! It's awesome!

Joseph singing with Vanishing Affair! Friday night practice!With Allen the guitar player. He is also LDS and we do a lot with him and his wife! Celebrating Mom's Day with Joe's family on the Wednesday after--I am still in my scrubs from work!All the boys with John and Raena--can you tell they're related?

On the boardwalk in SC!There were so many people on the beach!Joe got new aviators!

At the lighthouse.

Mystery Spot!

He's actually standing up completely straight in this picture...creepy huh?

Joe crashing after a long day at the beach!!!!!!!