Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 years old today!

W and B turned 2 today! I can't believe how big they're getting! We took them to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner yesterday and they had cupcakes with candles to blow out today! Auntie Caitlin and Tyler brought some balloons by and the boys took PB cookies to share in nursery at church today!
Walker before church--they looked so cute today! Brayden did not want to cooperate, he took his bottle and sat down in the swing!

After church they took a nice little nap on the couch-BWWaiting to blow out their candles--B blew his out mid song so we had to re light them! They were so excited to finally get to blow out the candles! They pretend all the time!B WDancing off their cupcakes with Tyler!Their super cute new outfits--skinny pants and bowtie made by me, upcycled from a hand-me-down skirt from Joe's Gma. Vests from Babies R Us-50% off clearance last week. Converse shoes from thrift store!If I have some time this week I'll tell you how I made the pants and bowties! They were super easy and hardly took any time at all!
I can't believe my babies are 2! My how time flies! A few things about W and B...
They talk ALL the time!
They say lots of words and are starting to put sentences together.
They also talk to eachother constantly!
They love to dance and sing and have amazing pitch and rhythm!
They love animals and know what sounds they all make.
They love to color and help mommie cook.
They go to bed at 7pm and usually don't get up until 9am--A-mazing!
They love going to nursery at church.
They follow directions super well and are such good sweet boys!
Collects toys, he will carry as many as he can at one time for hours at a time!
Calls his brother "Baby" or "Bayden" and always gives him loves!
Loves chocolate
Loves to jump off things, especially the couch!
A total momma's boy
Always concerned about his brother, check's on him when he's sad, takes him toys, snacks, etc.
Loves bananas
Loves to tickle and be tickled!
They are such fun and smart little boys! We love them to pieces!