Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My happy little guys

Brayden laughing at mom

Happy Walker--they love talking to mommie!

Silly boys in Copy and Paste Onsies

Monday, July 20, 2009

Confessions of a Mother of Twins...

So I've decided I need to have an ongoing post of confessions...there are always crazy things that happen with these two boys that need to be shared! I think this is a great way to share them and to share the crazy things that I end up doing throughout my days with my precious little guys!

Some examples:

I could never survive without my nursing pillow...if you are having twins or know anyone having twins they need one--it is a total life saver! I don't know what I would do without it...

for the record you can find it at

More days than I would like to admit I never get dressed and spend the whole day upstairs on my bed playing with the boys, feeding them and sleeping or reading while they nap! Disgustingly enough--there are days when I go to get ready for bed at night and realize I never even got a chance to brush my teeth!!!

There are days when I make food--like sticking something in the microwave for breakfast or lunch and when I go to find food for the next meal I realize I never ate the previous one! I would not have survived without microwavable meals for at least the first 2 months!

I am extremely stingy when it comes to letting other people hold my babies! I get so anxious to see other people with I just absolutely adore them and when people try to take them offering me a "break" it makes me crazy! I don't need a breakI don't care if no one but me ever holds them!!! If I never had to eat or sleep and they never had to sleep I would probably hold them all the time...

and more to come...

17 week old boys!

Caught in the Act--Brayden

He Can Fly!!!

Snuggly Walker

Ready to go to sleep--smiley boy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To be a successful mother of sons you must: (and by you I mean me)

  • Quit ogling (and sometimes buying for the future) tea sets, doll houses, and pink clothes every time you shop.
  • Learn to play with action figures. This means you have to think like a boy. Captain Jack and Will Turner want to FIGHT. They do NOT want to garden, have a tea party, or be nice Daddies who do the dishes. They want to dismember each other.
  • Quit hating sports. You have very athletic children and years of spectating before you. Just accept that your Saturday mornings will never ever be free ever again and invest in a good lawn chair and cooler.Accept that your boys will come inside from playing completely filthy and smelling of wet dog. And furthermore, they will NOT stop digging in the dirt and will NEVER wipe their feet adequately before entering the house.
  • Potty words are here to stay. Just like the bodily functions they represent, they will never cease being a large part of your life.
  • Instead of being offended at being brutally stabbed, shot, and/or impaled in all pretend battles, be flattered that you were worthy enough to be chosen as an adversary.
  • Keep lots of Febreze Air Effects, Lysol Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, and snacks (for bribery and personal fortification) on-hand at all times.
  • Check the toilet seat before sitting down

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Joe got Braces and 1st Father's Day, Kyle and Rachel are in town, July 4th...etc.

Beware lots of new pictures!!!
Kyle and his family suprised us by coming into town on Saturday the 20th--he stayed until the 27th and Rachel, Jonah and Audrey are here for a few more weeks! It is so fun having them here...we miss them now that they live up in Washington!

Our little family on Father's Day--Joseph's 1st! Notice he got braces as well!!
All our Daddie's kids minus Caitlin on Father's Day at our house!

Joseph got car antlers from Kyle and Rachel for his bday! Yes they really sell these places in Washington and we drove with them on my car the rest of the day!

Audrey and Walker sitting in the boys' bumbos! My boys absolutely love them and Audrey thought it was very fun! Her little thighs would get stuck everytime she tried to stand up though!

Rebekah holding Walker
Brooklyn with Walker

Payton with Walker

Brooklyn singing I am a Child of God to the boys--it made them smile!

Audrey playing with our puppy Hurley

Walker is my little thumb sucker--if he wakes up and is able to find his thumb sometimes he'll sleep another hour!

The boys first fourth of July--at our ward pancake breakfast we walked over since it only takes about five minutes--the boys were wonderful and I didn't even have to feed them until we got home!

Mommie and Daddie with Walker

Sleeping Brayden on Mom

Christina is home from her mission! She was one of my best friends before we got married and suprised us by coming to our pancake breakfast! It was so fun to see her and for her to get to see the boys!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!!