Monday, May 31, 2010

Thrift Store Make Over!

I recently purchased the thrift store for $5!

With some TLC and several coats of paint it is now a perfect pantry for our small kitchen! I love it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

14 Months Old!

Where has the time gone! I can't believe my BABIES are 14 months old today! They are getting so big and developing more skills everyday!
Just a quick list of things they do:

They can both walk-Walker since mid March, Brayden started last week.
They are wearing 9 month clothes for the most part! Still small but we're getting there!
They eat and drink everything in sight! Right now they're loving chicken and mac & cheese!
They both drink from a sippy cup.
They sleep through the night almost every night!!!
They have stopped nursing this week...this is bitter/sweet for me, but just shows how big they are!
They talk up a storm all day long, mostly gibberish but they know quite a few words including: mama, dada, duck, quack, dog, moo, ow, eye, nanama (grandma), da-daah (grandpa), tole (Uncle Cole), ball, squirrel, hi...etc.
They can sing A,B,C,D--just those four but it is so cute!
They LOVE music and dance any time there is music playing!
They point to their eye or my eye and say eye! --occasionally they point to their nose and say eye but they're pretty good at it!
They give the best hugs and kisses and Brayden says "aahhh" everytime he gives hugs!

I'm sure there's more, they are such smart boys, but that's all I can think about now! I can't believe I've been a mom for over year, it blows my mind--I still feel like a teenager most of the time! Well I better go check on my little guys--they laid down for a nap 45 minutes ago and are still just talking and laughing at each other...lovely! Am I a bad mom for leaving them for 45 minutes if they're happy...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

So, I was on a cute blog the other day (can't remember which--I look up waay too many blogs these days) and every Wednesday she did a worldess Wednesday entry--just a picture of her kids doing something goofy or something fun they had done, really a picture of anything I thought it was pretty cute though and I'm gonna try to do it every week...I think mine will mostly be pictures that don't need words--just boys being boys! Well this is entirely too many words for a wordless entry--hope everybody has a great day!

There are absolutely NO words to describe how much these boys make me laugh every single day!

P.S. I hope "wordless Wednesday" isn't some sort of copyrigted title for the gals blog I was on...if so we may switch to mute mondays...or silent saturdays...we'll see!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a Quick Pic...

So I am up way past my bedtime...I have to have one of those now that my boys sleep through the night cuz they insist on getting up at 7am--which isn't ridiculously early but if you're up blogging at midnight...
Just thought I would share a cute pic of my kiddies with their cousins! We had a mini photo shoot with my brother Kyle's kids to take Mother's Day pictures--I made some super cute crafts for mom day pressents that I will be posting soon!
I had a nice Mother's Day, the boys were sick so everybody came here to visit us--I was sad to not go to church since last year the boys were still quarantined on Mother's Day so I've never been to church as a Mom on Mother's Day!
Being a mom is by far one of the best things that has ever happened to me! They are by far my favorite little guys in the world and I am so glad to be their mommie! Also, on the topic of moms I must say that I have the most amazing mom of all time--you might be thinking your mom's cooler, but she's not--I am so blessed to have her close and that she is around to help me whenever I need her!
And with that I hope you all had a wonderful Mom's Day and that you are not awake at midnight to read this post! I'd better get in bed before my children wake up...I put them down without nursing tonight...we'll see how that goes!
Sweet Dreams!