Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So I've been slacking on my blog...but we did get a puppy! We've had her about 2 1/2 weeks now and she's almost 3 months old! Her name is Hurley and she is a Puggle...a mix of a Pug dad and a Beagle mom!
We have been wanting to get a dog for a long time now but have had trouble deciding on a perfect one for us...we live in a condo so we needed a dog that doesn't need a big yard I also was adamant about her being good with children as well as other dogs...since we plan on having children next year and I want her to be able to play with my parents and in-laws dogs!
So I found the puggle online and we decided to drive out to Petaluma to check them out. It's about a 2hr drive and we had a really nice time together as we had had a super busy week and it was nice to get to spend some time together! When we held Hurley we fell in love! She is so cute and sweet and very energetic!
So we ended up getting a puppy! It was not planned but we love her! She's a lot of work though and I'm kind of glad we got a dog before having a child! We are learning a lot of responsibility!
Everyone in both of our families love her and we're having a great time with her! I can't wait until she gets the rest of her shots and we can start taking her for walks!

Here she is with Cole at our house! She goes crazy when he comes over and runs circles around our living room!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sheer Boredom or Just Really Craving Chocolate!

So today while at work I discovered a website where you can turn yourself into an m&m! It may be my lack of sweets for the last 4 months but I turned my entire family into m&m's! Lets see what you think........My Joe the Rockstar!
Me, the Pink Princess of Course!
My Moie!
My Daddie!
My brother Kyle, we think he's a redneck!

My Sister, Caitlin, always stylish but never quite matching!!!
(Notice the blue hat and purple shoes)

And Cole the broken, crazy one......
He broke a rib last week, need I say more!
And just in case you're dying to go create your own m&m family you can find the website at

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Newest Addition!

Hurley! --More details to follow!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools Day!

I woke up this morning feeling quite patriotic! I had to report for Jury duty for the first time ever at the Cameron Park Court House! I got up early and dressed nicely so I looked professional and got to the court house at 8:30am on the dot ready to go! As they began telling us about our case and what was going to happen the officer that seemed to be in chart was interupted when the Judge entered to let us know that both cases were cancelled! Everyone else seemed quite thrilled but I was actually kind of excited...oh well, I'm sure they'll get me next year! I should've known, Joe told me it was probably just an April Fools joke and they wanted to see how many people would actually show up!

Honey Lake Races

This weekend we went to Honey Lake to see Cole race! Honey Lake is between Reno and Shasta--it's in California but you go into Nevada to get confusing for me! My family has been racing almost every weekend doing these National races since Cole is getting so fast and Joe and I decided we would join them this time! They pull a trailer and everyone sleeps inside and Joe and I took our tent to set up in their camp. We left on Friday after work but by the time we ended up getting on our way and picking up Caitlin it was around 7pm. Not to long after leaving we hit snow...apparently not so bad that we needed chains but bad enough that we could hardly see the road! Needless to say I am a California girl and have never driven in the snow! Had Joseph not been driving I would've turned around and gone home! We got to Honey Lake around 11:30pm not only was it dark and freezing but Joe and I still needed to set up our tent! Luckily it didn't take too long and we were quickly sleeping in our cozy tent! Saturday morning I woke to the sound of rain hitting our tent and peaked outside to so SNOW! Yes, it was really truly snowing on us! Needless to say we froze all day, but we had an awesome time! Cole, Ty, and Alex raced on Saturday. Ryan's race was on Sunday. Practice starts at 8am and the races start at 9am.

Mommie's truck Saturday Morning! It snowed all day long! You can't tell as much in the pictures but our tent had this much snow on it too!

Cole was going to check on what practice they were on He, Ty, and Alex were all the same practice #7.

The whole set up...our tent is in the left corner!

The view of all the trailers from the bleachers. We walked up to the bleachers to watch at least 10 times a day!

The whole track! It was huge....up at the top there's a huge hill that goes straight up and straight back down. It was incredible to watch!

Unfortunately Cole crashed in his Main and ended up not finishing...He was supposed to have two races on Sunday but ended up not feeling well enough to race. Not only did he go down but he was ran over in the process! (I didn't even take any pictures of him riding becuase I figured I'd get some on Sunday when it wasn't so cold) Ryan was the only one that raced on Sunday--so we were up again for practice at 8am and the races started at 9am. He crashed in his Heat race and broke his shoulder! So we packed up and headed home early! Quite an exciting weekend I'd have to say! Joseph and I had a great time though! It was super fun to be out there with all the boys and my family!