Sunday, August 26, 2012

Walker and Brayden 3 1/2

W and B are growing up so quickly!
I can't believe they're already 3 1/2!
They are super busy all day long, everyday!
They started PGY (performing groups for youth) this month and are loving it! The show this semester is a Christmas one and they're learning Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and LOVE to sing it!
They are big helpers with their baby sister, they love to make her laugh and sing to her!
They are learning to help around the house--clearing their place at the table, putting away their toys, etc.
They are VERY silly and always have some type of funny game going on between the two of them...
On Thursday they decided it was K's bday (obviously it wasn't) and everytime she came into the room they yelled Happy Birthday and sang to her! They asked her if she wanted cake several times throughout the day!
Despite the fact that there's two of them they always seem to be playing with an imaginary friend, there's always someone else playing with them...this also comes in handy when they do something they shouldn't be doing, "I not hit him, Jason hit him..." (Jason is their favorite pretend name for some reason)
They love to play pretend, usually one or both of them is a seal or a kitty.
They are still very lovey and cuddly to me, B especially is such a mama's boy--although W has been a mama's boy recently too! I treasure every second I have cuddling with them, I know eventually they'll be too cool to cuddle with me!
 First day of PGY
Trying out toddler beds...
We experimented with toddler beds for about 2 weeks...they would go to bed at 7pm and not fall asleep until around 11pm...
This mama was not getting anything done in the evenings and getting extremely frustrated--So I turned the beds around and they went back to sleeping in diapers!
To parents without twins I may seem crazy, but 2 boys in the same room in toddler beds was not working right now, and considering that they still don't climb out of their cribs we decided my sanity was more important than them being "big boys"! They don't really seem to care either way, maybe we'll try again soon...or not...

Kinsey 6 Months

 Our sweet Kinsey Lee is already 6 months old!
We haven't been in for her Dr's appt yet, so I'm not sure how much she weighs but she is growing like a weed!
At 6 months Kinsey is:
Crawling!!! Not perfectly, but she can get wherever she wants and fairly quickly!
Sitting up
Wearing 3-6 month clothing
Eating bananas, sweet potatoes, apples, and baby cereal
and still nursing
Saying "Mama", "Dada", and "Baba"--baba is not in refrence to a bottle it just seems to be her favorite sound
Sleeping 6-8 hrs straight at night
ALWAYS smiling and giggling
Has 1 little tooth on the bottom
She absolutely adores her big brothers, and they are the reason she is smiling and giggling half the time!!
We love Kinsey and she is the perfect addition to our family!!