Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Shower!

I had a baby shower last weekend on Saturday and had so much fun! We got so many wonderful things and Joseph and are feeling so blessed by all the family and friends we have that love us! So many people came and it was so good to see everyone...friends we see all the time as well as friends we haven't seen in years! Above is my favorite picture of the day because my tummy looks so huge! It was such a great day, thank you so much to everyone who came!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


On Sunday Joseph and I went to watch Cole at Arenacross at Arco Arena in Sacramento. He is doing this new series of Arenacross races and this weekend happened to be when they were close to home in Sac. We had a great time watching him and his friends and going back and forth between the pits. He did a super good job in his heat races and took a 4th and a 7th in his main races. We picked up Caitlin on the way down and met Matt on the way so we didn't all have to pay parking. We had an awesome day!

With Cole when we first got there!

Cole #99

The whole track from where we sat all day!

All of us watching, apparently Caitlin and I were either confused or intently watching!

Matt and Joe consulting with Cole after his race.

In the pits under ArcoArena.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Snow is Cameron Park!

Joseph and I have been staying at our friends the Bitnoff's with their two boys while their parents are in Hawaii for the week! Conner and Cole are 16 and 13 and we have tons of fun with them! On Friday morning when Joe woke up to get ready for work we awoke to SNOW!!! Now for those of you who live in the snow this might not be very impressive to you...but for us sunny Californians we were freezing!

Looking out our window down onto our cars Friday morning!

My poor frozen car!

Looking up the street from the Bitnoff's house.

Their frozen backyard

The trees looked so pretty all covered in snow!

As pretty as it was I am glad to say it only snow about once a year at the most in Cameron Park and I am hoping it stays that way! Joseph and I are doing well...I'm thirty two weeks along now and we're just waiting (inpatiently) for these boys to get here! Joseph has tomorrow off work and we're excited to spend sometime together--we didn't get to celebrate valentine's day on Saturday so we'll probably go out to dinner or something! As for me heartburn and major backpain have kicked in during the last week and we are definetely not friends! Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day!!!