Saturday, May 14, 2011

I love it when we're cruising together!!

Joseph and I got back yesterday from a four day cruise to Mexico for our 5th Anniversary!

We left the boys with my parents and took off for our first time away from them ever!

We had a wonderful time just being Joe and Kira again for a few days, staying out late, sleeping in, and taking long showers(meaning more than 5 minutes and actually taking time to shave my legs!)

And we were so glad to be reunited with the boys on Friday, feeling refreshed and rejuvinated!

I had been a little leery to say anything and to even go!--anyone who knows me well knows that I am very overprotective of my little guys, it was a very big decision for us to leave them for 4 days--the long and short of it is we had always planned to go for our 5th anniversary and we got an awesome deal!

We left early Monday morning and got back Friday evening, our cruise stopped in Catalina and Ensenada. Everything was wonderful and we had a great time! Here's a few pic!

A pic of our ship on our way to Catalina...we got off the huge ship and onto one of those tiny ships to get to the Island...I get motion sickness pretty bad, I had medication so I was fine but the tiny boat makes me nervous!

It is kind of unreal how huge the ship is! View from Catalina!

We saw quite a few of these buffalo around Catalina! It was a beautiful place, the houses were so cute and the weather was perfect!
Back on the tiny boat back to the big ship!
All dressed up on our formal night--no I am NOT pregnant this picture just makes me look like it...unfortunately its the best one we got all dressed up! But look how handsome Joseph looks!
Just off the ship in Ensenada! Isn't my big hat cute?! I got it on the ship for $10--so excited!

I'm so glad we went! As much as I missed the boys, once we were on the ship and on our way we left our worries behind and just enjoyed ourselves--i'm sure it'll be quite a while before we get to do anything like this again, and it was wonderful!!