Thursday, June 19, 2008

Joseph and Cole's Party

On Monday night we had a combined Birthday party for Cole and Joseph at my parents house since they b-day's are so close! Joseph got all three Indiana Jones movies which he's been dying to have and the new National Treasure movie. Sounds like year 24 has been pretty good so far!Jonah and Baby AudreyIt took a long time to get al 24 candles lit!Jonah and Uncle Joe being hardcore!
Payton trying to look Chinese!Rebekah James and meBrooklyn's Blue Steel...With Audrey who is 9months now!

Father's Day/Joseph's Birthday!

So this year Joseph's birthday landed on Father's day so we got to run around and see our Dad's and celebrate Joseph's birthday! On top of that Joseph got asked to give a talk about his dad...I told him I would've said no but he accepted and did a wonderful job! My primary kids sang "My Dad" in Sacrament Meeting and it was great! I love when they sing in Sacrament meeting and do such a great job! It makes me feel like I actually do get across to them in what I teach! After church we went to my families house to be with my dad and then we went to Joseph's families house to see his dad and celebrate Joseph's b-day with his family! We had a very nice day being with family but Joseph decided he's glad it'll be another seven years before he has to share his birthday with Father's day again!
With my Daddie at my parents house!Joe reinacting blowing out his b-day candle! Yes I missed it the first time!
His parents got him a Nightmare Before Christmas sweatshirt when they were in Disneyland! Doesn't he look handsome with his new glasses???

The Morning After!

After spending Friday night at Tower of Power we got home around 1:30am and set our alarm for 5:30am the next morning! For my Grandma Overton's birthday we were all going to the 7am session at the Temple! It was so nice to be at the temple with my grandparents and my mom and the spirit there was so strong, I feel blessed everyday that my husband and I live worthy of all the wonderful blessings of the temple. ---But let me tell you man were we tired!!!!

I was wearing heels that made me taller than Joseph so I'm trying to look shorter!

Later that night we went out the movies since Joseph's birthday was on Sunday and we wanted to do something special on Saturday! We saw Kung Fu Panda and it was AWESOME! If you haven't seen it I advise you see it immediately it was super fun! We met up with Joseph's brother Jacob and his girlfriend Courtney and laughed the entire rest of the night!

In the movie theater can you see the bags under our eyes! We also went to the Elephant Bar for Joseph's birthday dinner before the movie!

Tower of Power

Last Friday night Joseph got free tickets to see Tower of Power at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento. Despite the fact that I had absolutely no idea who Tower of Power was before we got there (I kept telling people we were going to see Power of Tower!) we had an awesome time! Joseph invited his two best friends Ryan and Curt as he got four free tickets! We had tons of fun dancing and laughing at old people dancing! There were even some hippies who brought a rug to dance on and laid it out on the front row! On the way home we stopped by Mel's in Folsom since none of us had had dinner before the show! It was an awesome concert and we really enjoyed it! Now that I know who Tower of Power is I wouldn't mind going again next year!

The whole gang right before the show started! You can tell we are pretty stinking excited!

Our hand stamps! They took our tickets and gave us hand stamps I was so upset I wanted to scrapbook my ticket--so we had to take a picture of our stamps so I'd have some proof we didn't make the whole thing up!