Sunday, August 1, 2010

Young Women Beach Trip

Growing up in the same ward I'm in now I went on our ward Young Women's beach trip every year...the year after I graduated they changed it to a Youth Confrence trip and invited the boys from the ward, after that they never really did the trip again...They decided to bring it back this year and it just so happens that I just got called to be the Personal Progress specialist in YW's! I was so excited to get to help and attend the beach trip with all the fun girls in our ward! There were 9 girls on the trip and 4 leaders! We had such a fun was my first time being away from the boys over night but Joseph did a great job taking care of them! It was so fun to hang out with the girls and act like a teenager again for a couple days!!The other leaders and I
The girls minus two--turning Chloe into a mermaid

Some of the girls turning Amber into a mermaid...
Morgan, Brooke, and I
Brittney if you're reading my blog I have to say being on the Beach Trip with Morgan--who is So muc like you--brought back so many memories!

It was FREEZING and these girls stayed in the water almost the entire time we were at the beach!
Such a fun trip! Can't wait to go again next year!

Summer Days with 16 month olds...

Things have been busy here in the Carlson household! We have been having so much fun enjoying summertime!
One of the saddest things about the boys getting bigger is we've cut off all their sweet baby curls...we were getting lots of mullet comments so we decided it was time! They look so grown up now!I suprised Joe and took him to Six Flags for his 26th bday! We had a great day riding roller coasters and hanging out just the two of us!
Auntie Caitlin had our cousins Payton and Brooklyn with her for a whole day last week and they came to spend it with Walker and Brayden, the girls swam while the boys napped, they colored and blew bubbles with the boys frosted cupcakes, played outside, and ate pigs in a blanket--the boys love playing with the girls!

Walker and Brayden absolutely LOVE coloring right now...while they do eat the ocassional crayon they will color for hours!

We also play with whipped creme in their high chairs before bath time! They have so much fun getting dirty!

Oh bummer, these pictures are sideways, but they love to pull our curtains around and play peek a boo behind them while they eat...I end up having to wash the curtains every few days but they giggle so sweetly its worth it!

They love to eat bananas but will only eat them if they are whole with the peel, they can peel them back by themselves and look so big holding them!

They love to relax with their daddie when he gets home from work and watch an episode of the Backyardagains or Spongebob!

Well darn, another sideways pic...we also love playing dress up in our house, hats, ties, name it!

also bandanas...

Hope you're all enjoying your summers, we sure are!