Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mother's Day Crafts

I've been meaning to post these for a while now...I made our Mother's Day Pressents this year and felt so good about saving money and giving gifts that were more meaningful! I made both of our moms canvas' with pictures on them and made a washer necklace for Joseph's mom and picture blocks for my mom(which I don't have a pic of)!

The washer necklace idea came from here

it's been done on probably every craft blog out there but I really liked this one! Just an FYI for anyone wanting to make washer necklaces get aluminum washers--anything else is really hard to stamp, everybody blogs about them being so easy but just buying normal washers are way too hard to stamp hence aluminum washers are apparently the way to go...unfortunately for me I found this out too late!

This picture canvas was my idea, I bought the canvas on clearance at Target and just painted over it, added the pictures and bought the letters for $.99 at Target as well! I love the way it turned out, I also made one for my mom with her other Grandkids on it as well!

The idea for photo blocks is here

They turned out super cute, I painted them blue for my mom and did black and white pics on them, I'll get a pic asap!

One other thing I made recently for the boys are these awesome no sew capes
they literally took me five minutes to make both, and the boys love them! They came from old shirts of Josephs! They're a little big for now--I've been searching for small Superman shirts at thrift stores so they can be real super hero capes!

Scratch That!

So I went to bed last night thinking that my last post sounded horribly negative! I'm sorry! I just get upset by people who act like having twins is a horrible , hard thing! I don't want anyone to feel like they need to be careful what they say around me, I love talking about having twins I just don't enjoy the negativity that people have towards how hard things must be and that they don't realize that having two babies makes every single day worth it!
That's probably what I should've said from the start...thanks for letting me vent friends! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 21, 2010

People Say the Darndest Things...

Disclosure: Please excuse me while I rant for a minute...
So today I made a decision--I think my life will not be about surviving twins...but about surviving stupid people--excuse my frankness!

I know I have blogged about this a little bit before, but I just can't believe the things people say to me when I am out with the boys...today we went to the Dr. for their 15 month check up...I know can you believe they're 15 months already!?

And everyone went on and on about how hard it must be to have two boys walking/running! People are always so negative...why not say something like...I dunno, HOW FUN!? Because it is fun and wonderful and ocassionally crazy but I would not change it for the world! I love having two walking boys...I love having two babies in general! Some women struggle for years to have children and I got pregnant with two babies on the first try...why in the world is that a negative thing???

Sorry...just venting, but in case you were wondering I love having twins, I do have my hands full--each hand is full of a wonderful precious baby
...or I mean 15 month old big boy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Memorial Day at the Zoo! Love these boys!