Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Current Obsessions!

I love the song...all I wanna do oo oo oo oo oo oo oo oo....
Want to see this one sooo badly
Joseph's current reading obsession...
We still haven't seen it and Joseph is dying to!
IF you haven't seen it you HAVE too...hilarious!
Counting the Days Till the next one comes out!
Can't wait for this movie!

Miss the beach so much already!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pismo Beach

We spent the last week in Pismo Beach and had a super blast! Here's some pictures of our adventures! We had lots of time to play and have fun and relax and kick back!

Joseph's first time driving on the beach! Also the first time he got to use the 4-wheel drive in his new truck!
Just driving down the beach!
Joe did some boogie boarding
I did some relaxing while Joe was playing
Unloading to go riding Joseph taking off out to the dunes
Me doing some more relaxing!

Then I did some riding myself!We took a walk every morning down on the beach!Joseph fell asleep on the beach in his shorts and was burnt to a crisp all week long--the day after this happened he could barely bend his knees if was horrible!Joseph and his bike in our garageWe took a little drive to Shell beach which was beautiful but we decided we wanted to be back at Pismo!I got to hang out with a seal for a whileAnd then I rode a whale for a few hours!Joseph sculpted my name in to the sandWe were so glad there was a sign over this stairway or we never would have known that's what it was and those stairs came in quite handy!

And then we both got to do some relaxing--notice the towel over Joseph's legs--he was already burnt bad enough!

Pictures as Promised!

4th of July Slumber Party!
Playing Rockband--Joe is singing and playing guitar!
Playing Halo with both tv's hooked up
Joe and Curt passed out! Notice I am still wide awake and playing Halo with the boys! This was around 1:30am...Joe finally went upstairs to sleep around 2am! Notice all the energy drinks on the coffee table as well! These boys were wired!
The next morning! None of them had slept at all...except for Jacob and Jeffrey had finally crashed around 7:00am the next morning!

More Rockband pictures at the beginning of the night!
Cole was rocking the drums!
Trip to SF with Ryan and Manuela!
On the Pier

Not entirely sure why this picture is on here twice but I can't get it to delete! At the A's game later that night!
Our seats were pretty sweet!
All of us in our A's attire!

Joseph and I in our awesome matching shirts!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy As Usual!!!

So we have been super busy the last month! And I need to catch up with my pictures! Since the last time I posted we took a great trip to San Fran with our friends Ryan and Manuela. We left at 6am on a Saturday morning and spent most of the day wandering around town. That night we went to an Oakland A's game! Joe and Ryan are A's fanatics and we had a great time! Joseph and I got matching shirts! It was a super fun day trip and I even got some great knockoff Gucci sunglasses in SF! Unfortunately for the boys the A's barely lost right at the last minute and they were sad about it all the way home! I thought i was a great game though! My cousin Rebekah James turned 10 this last week and we celebrated her birthday on Sunday! I can't believe how grown up she is! She is such a beautiful girl! Also on her birthday July 3rd we had a slumber party at our house with Joseph's brothers, cousin Roger, my brother and his friend Ty, Curt, Ryan and Manuela and Allen and Benecia our friends who live next door stopped by too! We played Halo and Rockband until about 330am when I finally went upstairs to sleep (Joe passed out about 2am and was already sleeping) The boys watched two movies downstairs and were still awake when I got up at 6pm to walk with Benecia and Hurley! At 830am the boys still hadn't slept and I was going on about an hour--fell asleep aroudn 4am and woke up at exactly 5am and couldn't sleep anymore--we walked over the the elementary school where our ward does a pancake breakfast! That evening we went to my my aunt and uncles (James and Carrie) for a bbq, swimming, and fireworks! It was super fun and we had a great time! Next week we will be taking off for a week stay in Pismo Beach and we can hardly wait! We deserve a good vacation I think! We will be gone from Saturday-Saturday and have rented a little beach house for the whole week! I'm going crazy trying to pack and make sure we don't forget anything but I can hardly wait! I'll add pictures asap! I have some great ones of the boys playing xbox and Joe and Curt sleeping!

The whole family after Cole was ordained to a priest! I can't believe he's 16!