Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Sunday Carlson Family Style

1. Get up at 6am to shower and get ready before the boys get up, pack the diaper bag, ready everything for church, leave with 5 minutes to spare and still manage to be 15 minutes late....CHECK
2. Ditch handsome husband and children in the rain storm, run inside to young women's and realize that we're 15 minutes late...CHECK
3. Listen to the rest of the wonderful Christmas lesson and hear three wonderful girls bear powerful testimony of the church and our Savior and momentarily feel that wonderful true Christmas spirit!...CHECK
4. Baby B aka Brayden gets kicked out of Nursery because he's SO tired--spend Sunday School hour in nursery with both boys...CHECK
5. Leave nursery and look for previously mentioned handsome husband who has the diaper bag, walk around the halls with both boys holding one of my hands--best feeling ever--and being such good/sweet boys...CHECK
6. Change stinky diaper and finally sit down in Sacrament meeting surrounded by family who had come to listen to all of us sing--hubby, sister, mom, and I were all in the program...CHECK
7. Baby A aka Walker pukes his guts out just as the Bishop stands to welcome everyone to church--that would be an entire bottle of EggNog...CHECK
8. Rush around frantically trying to clean puke without anyone noticing...CHECK
9. Escape to the hall with Baby A to change him and try my hardest not to burst into tears...CHECK
10. Sissy and I jump in the car and take both boys home, I run back to church--in the biggest rain/wind storm ever and make it just in time to hear handsome hubby sing an amazingly beautiful song, handsome hubby leaves post haste to relieve sissy who makes it back with seconds to spare to sing with mom in a beautiful womens "trio", and I sing a somewhat rushed version of a great song about our Savior because my mind cannot slow down...CHECK
11. I sit back and finally sing the closing song and am overcome by the love of my Savior and my family--how blessed am I to have family to help me every Sunday and who love, support, and give unconditionally--as crazy as our hour and twenty minute Sacrament meeting was for us I truly feel the joy and spirit of Christmas...CHECK
12. Spend the rest of the day snuggling with handsome husband on the couch while boys play on the floor and watch Christmas movies...CHECK
13. Thank my Heavenly Father before falling into bed for giving me the two most wonderful blessings I could have ever asked for--while our lives are rarely boring we would not trade the craziness for anything in the world!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Sunday and that you got to enjoy your program a bit more than we did! Merry Christmas!