Monday, November 15, 2010

New House, New Adventures

2 weeks ago we moved into a new house! We are out of our little condo and into a 3 bedroom house that feels huge to us! We have a garage and a great backyard and are loving every single second here! The boys wake up in the morning have breakfast, play outside, take a nap, eat lunch, play outside, eat dinner and sleep like rocks!
Last Sunday when it rained I taught the boys to puddle splash in our backyard--rain is my favorite weather and growing up everytime it rained I put on my mud sliding clothes and ran outside to jump in puddles and slide in the mud, and when I say growing up I mean until I got married!--Anyhow the boys loved it every bit as much as I did!

A sweet story about the boys--Saturday night Joe and I were making spaghetti together while the boys were playing, they came in the kitchen and asked for bottles and after I made them both a bottle they dispapeered and got very quiet, I came around the corner to check on them and they had climbed up on the couch, pulled a blanket up over them, and were just sitting together on the couch drinking their bottles. They are best friends and I LOVE it!

One more story about the boys--they found Joe's remote control R2D2 toy and figured out how to work it...they passed the remote back and forth a few times before they got it working but I was just amazed that they could actually work it! They're such smart boys!

We are loving our new place and keeping busy getting everything organized! For anyone wondering we are still in CP and didn't move very far, we are even still in the same ward!