Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retiring my old running shoes...

I am so sad that my old Puma's have seen their day that I felt the need to blog about them! I bought my puma's with my hard earned babysitting money at the age of 14--mind you I'm almost 25--I saved for months and knew exactly which pair I wanted--pink was my signature color, I even remember that I bought them at the Folsom Outlets at the factory brand shoes store...is that what its called? As you can see they are not great running shoes, so they were my fun run shoes...I wore them when I went out for a jog just to feel good, not to get in shape or train for something but just to get out and get some fresh air, i also loved to wear them in a good Hip-Hop class! I feel so silly that I am so sad about a pair of shoes but I feel like they were a part of my life...owning them for almost 11 years they saw a good bulk of it! I have been wearing them to run recently partly because one of my tennis shoes is lost in the abyss called Joseph's truck but partly because I am finally jogging for me again...of course I want to get in shape but mostly I am running because it feels so good--it is time for me even if I am pushing the boys in their joggette--I love the feeling and the fresh air and of course...the burn! I feel like I should keep the shoes, pack them away somewhere to savor the memories...but I know it would just be a waste of space! So I took pictures and am blogging about it--silly huh, but a part of my life none the less! Maybe there's some pics somewhere of me wearing them as a teenager! I'll have to ask my mom! Anyways whether you wanted it or not there's the story of my Puma's and why I'm blogging about shoes! My lovely husband bought me new ones...they were half the price I paid as a teenager and they just don't seem as important when you're not spending every hard earned cent to buy your favorite shoes! But they are very comfy and hopefully in 11 more years I can blog about shoes that have seen me through another wonderful chapter of my life...hehe!
Huge chunks started falling off while I was jogging last week...the time had come!
And the new ones...they are super comfy and I love them...lets see what memories I can make from here!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I've been doing instead of laundry...

I have recently been sucked in to the wonderful world of crafting blogs...most people who know me know that I am not crafty at all...I do love scrapbooking but that has been where my talent ended. While my younger sister learned to cook and sew I got a lot of practice flirting with boys--he,he--anyways, I have recently decided that I want to make all sorts of things and have found lots of blogs with some very fun stuff! I have wasted many evenings, not sleeping, but bookmarking blogs with different things I want to make...I have been making something about once a week, so here are my creations--don't judge me too harshly I'm still learning--and where I got the ideas! Enjoy!

Super cute placemat clutch...got the placemat at goodwill for $1 and the liner also at goodwill for $.50, I have so many other ones to make--this is not my favorite colors or patern but it was a trial run....idea from

Scrappy magnets--taking the magnets you get in the mail or from the pizza place and simply gluing cute scrapbook paper over them--such a fun idea! I got cute paper on clearance at Michael's yesterday a little pack for $.25 and the cute stickers for $.25 as well! Idea from...

Spring/flower centerpiece for my table--made this from random scraps of paper around the house, a $.25 mason jar from snowline hospice, and the sticks holding the flowers up are from my fondue pot! Made in about 20 minutes just after laying the boys down for their nap one day and before getting in the shower! I love it, it brightens up my room! Idea from... http://www.tipjunkie.com/
Made an awesome brown sugar body scrub for a friend for her bday, I added stress relief aromatherapy and it smelled wonderful! This was so easy to make and we have been picking up jars at thrift stores between $.25 and $.99 to make more!
Idea from...
here it is before it was all wrapped up!
I am having so much fun making things, and I have many more things that I am dying to make! I guess I just needed to get started, the crafting bug does run in my family! If you like crafting check out some of the blogs I listed...my favorite is that some of them list the project time in nap times...ie-this is about a 1 nap project, or 1/2 nap project...makes me happy!
And just becuase they're by far the cutest thing I've ever made, here's a pic of the boys!
They're holding hands while eating lunch...I love how sweet they are to eachother, they are definitely best friends!