Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1 Year Appt and Day at the Park!

So yesterday, Monday, the boys had their 1 year old check-ups. And while they look huge to us apparently they haven't grown a whole lot!
18lbs 4oz
27 3/4in
17lbs 14oz
27 3/4 in
So they've both gained about a pound since their 9 month appts but they've gotten about 3 or 4 inches taller...silly boys, they're so skinny! Would you believe that most of the clothes they wear are 3-6 months!?
Before their appt my sister, Caitlin, brought over the 2 year old she nannies to play with Walker and Brayden and we walked to the park just up the street to let them all play for a while!
The boys loved getting the fresh air and it was nice to go out for a walk, we used to go all the time during the summer, but haven't been in quite a while!
We are loving the spring weather and lookin forward to spending more time letting the boys play outside this year!
Walker--they liked the slide!
Brayden--striking some sort of GQ pose don't you think!?

Love these silly boys!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello World!!

In case you're still bothering to follow our blog--that we haven't updated in 3 months--I thought I'd finally post! So hopefully there's still someone out there who wants to hear about our little family!! Things have been busy and crazy and wonderful all at once! Since I updated last I had a wonderful 24th bday, we had an awesome Christmas/1st Christmas, a new niece--Rosalee, Joseph and I's 4th Anniversary, a PGY performance, a long weekend vacation to Pismo Beach, a sweet Valentine's Day, Dance Festival performances--I taught a Hip Hop number, a finally--the main reason I'm blogging a 1st birthday party!!

So considering that it would take for-ev-er to update you on everything I'm skipping right to the best part--Walker and Brayden's first Birthday! We had a wonderful day with the boys, their bday was Saturday March 20th, we started out with a wonderful breakfast made by Dad-Joseph-chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter! The boys absolutely love them! After playing with them and singing happy birthday to them all morning they went down for their naps and then we ran out for their Party! We had a nice party at our Stake Center with family and a few good friends! The boys had so much fun being the center of attention--they loved their cakes and got so many wonderful pressents!

Sleepy Walker wondering why Mom has the camera out so early!
Equally sleepy Brayden, waiting to pancakes to be made!
Joseph is quite the chef, and makes some killer chocolate chip pancakes!
Enjoying their bday breakfast--such big boys!
The Party was Sesame Street themed and both boys had their own cake to demolish!
We played a game during the party where I made two posters with 14 different of Walker and Brayden on it and the guests had to guess who was who in each picture from birth to now! It was really fun--mind you the boys technically are not identical but I had some really tricky pictures! I had my money on Cole winning and he actually tied with Joseph's cousin Harrison! It was super fun!

Just starting to dig into their cakes!


Their birthday crowns were courtesy of my mom--they turned out so cute!